Breadtalk group limited a stable staple

Refer to Appendix III. Locally, BreadTalk had also gained recognition from various local awards such as the Singapore Promising Brand Award, which suggest the popularity of the products.

We stress tested consumer companies under our coverage that are most vulnerable to: Rising Wages In Singapore, the revision of employee policy by government might raise costs of the low skilled workers for employers.

Breadtalk Analysis

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The distributor of this report has not been approved or licensed by the UAE Central Bank or any other relevant licensing authorities or governmental agencies in the United Arab Emirates. Quality control might be an issue due to staff shortage. It also manages a mall. Opportunities Nature of Products Since bread is considered a staple and commodity in numerous countries, BreadTalk has potential for global growth as there is continual demand for bread; an opportunity for expanding its business internationally.

Established in Dec 06, the seat restaurant offers two cuisine concepts in its 6, sf dining hall Charcoal and Ah Wok. The constant ROE that BreadTalk experience is relatively normal in comparison with other companies in the same industry.

Some stores are also located near popular departmental stores and supermarkets. The formula to derive the Beta using the characteristic line is: We look forward to working with passionate, like-minded partners.

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To facilitate expansion, the bakery and food court businesses were merged in However, there is a steady increment from onwards. Exposure to food-related diseases. This report is being issued outside the United Arab Emirates to a limited number of institutional investors and must not be provided to any person other than the original recipient and may not be reproduced or used for any other purpose. ~ Where SG Investors Share

This report does not purport to contain all the information that a prospective investor may require. Yield for Singapore Government Securities Reference from IMF Risk Free Rate We will be using the 10 years government bonds yield as the market risk free rate to act as a standard of measurement for all financial sectors, because it is simpler to handle countries that do not issue Treasury bills in a consistent manner.

Spreading wings far and wide. The securities as referred to in this research report have not been and will not be registered with the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Republic of China pursuant to relevant securities laws and regulations and may not be offered or sold within the Republic of China through a public offering or in circumstances which constitutes an offer within the meaning of the Securities and Exchange Law of the Republic of China that requires a registration or approval of the Financial Supervisory Commission of the Republic of China.

It has expanded into the restaurant and food court businesses. Furthermore, a countrys GDP is closely related withconsumer spending. The deceleration was blamed on its underperforming J.

This report contains only marketing information and has not been approved by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. However, we believe this growth rate is not sustainable due to the highly competitive nature of the food industry, which has close to no barriers to entry.

Bakeries owned and operated No. The BreadTalk high leverage ratio indicates a higher risk over their competitors.

Strategic placements of BreadTalk outlets at high traffic volume places attract potential customers. We are expecting at least more additions to its portfolio in FY Our franchises offer rewarding careers while making a real difference to the people in their communities.

Many of the outlets are located near public transport systems such as bus terminals, Mass Rapid Transit stations and Light Rail Transport stations. Workers might also increase their wage expectations in future Lim Thus,earnings from the former may become the groups largest revenue source within fiveyears.

Apr 16,  · Stable dividends with increased payouts possible. Management intends to declare an annual dividend of not less than 50% of net profits attributable to shareholders as dividends, which suggests a yield of % for FY18F.

However, the group has net cash of SGD91m and positive cash flows from operations of about SGDm a quarter. Dec 22,  · A BreadTalk bakery in Shanghai. BreadTalk, a Singapore chain, opened its first outlet in China in and now has shops in the country.

Credit Breadtalk Group Limited. Executive Summary. This reports aims to establish the current issues that BreadTalk Group Limited is facing and how the issues will have an impact on their earnings and share valuations.

Bread is one of the most popular staple in the Asian food culture. In the years, BreadTalk has successfully expanded their influence and reputation to 16 countries with more than bakeries all around the world.

Today Breadtalk owns 24 retail outlet in Singapore and Breadtalk Group Ltd was listed on SGX in Breadtalk has retail outlets worldwide and has spread their wings by opening “Branches” in Indonesia, Hong Kong, and People’s Republic of China, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Korea, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

(BreadTalk Group Limited, ) Social Breadtalk Group Limited has celebrated its ten years anniversary in with seven brands, four hundred and forty-eight outlets spreading over thirteen countries in South East Asia and Middle East.

Breadtalk group limited a stable staple
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Breadtalk Analysis , Sample of Business plans