Best college dorm pranks

Doorway stack-up Simply stack up stackable items to block your victim's dorm room entrance. Ask your victim to let you crack 3 eggs for their head for dollars.

Preferably in a tight white shirt not wearing a bra. You can also leave subtle clues to your prank in the vouchers if you want.

Strange Noise Prank Here's an example of another dorm prank that involves waking someone up to an unfamiliar noise. This is not an appropriate prank for someone with a vision impairment or other disability. A prank that you can do with snap-its, is hide them around the dorms in places that will go off when people least expect it.

He took some serious spills and keeps on ticking… or slamming doors. You will need some newspaper, tape, and a large quantity of Styrofoam packing "popcorn. This may lead to the person getting creative and wrapping the shower curtain like a toga.

They aren't likely to look in the toilet for the source of the disturbance. While this joke would not be terribly funny during, say, finals week, a random Tuesday afternoon might prove the perfect time for this innocent prank. Then visit your friend in their room and ask to use the bathroom.

This jelly type takes about 3 minutes to set.

Dorm Pranks

Then hide it in the person's room. Publishing for Video Gaming and Promising Marketing at Ithaca College or university shows new syntax which is certainly seriously precious for modern customers.

Find a way to jam the diverter into the "up" position; a small object can be used for this purpose. Besides the shock of the noise, your friend will really freak out when she sees that her stereo is turned off but is still emitting nightmarish sounds in the deep of night.

Oh, appear, a poultry. That guy got up.

Top 10 College Pranks of All-Time

Change all your room mate's clocks 1 hour When your roommate is asleep, set the clocks in the room wall clocks, alarm clocks, watches, phones, computers, DVD players, etc. Cause balloons to pop when someone opens their door This prank is simple and clever. They will be awakened by the sound of the alarm, and have to get up to try to find out where it's coming from.

You gotta appreciate the classy piano soundtrack. Towel Theft If you are staying in dorms that have community bathrooms, you should try this simple but fun prank. Make sure to buy the loudest one you can.

The Best Dorm Pranks

Second of all, do not try too hard. Check out the six that we have for you below. You can stack telephone books and empty cans to block the doorway. Dixie cups filled to the brim with water might also work. Next time, they rush in the bath to shampoo their hair; they will come out with oily slick look.

When ready, the person hiding can play on their phone some creepy music or an ironic ballad Send In The Clowns by Barbara Streisand until the person wakes up.

Dorm pranks are meant to be fun for everyone involved, which means you shouldn't take part in any mischief that might hurt people or cause damage to someone's property. The only thing that I'm aware of is if you are going to steal someone's clothes while they are in the shower, be sure to take the shower curtains too / 10 Best Dorm Pranks; Dorm Pranks; Harmless Funny Pranks for Grown Ups; Bathroom Pranks.

One prank you can play on someone is to wait until they go into the shower area and swipe their clothes (and keys if you are feeling particularly mischievous).

5 harmless dorm pranks

The object of your prank will be stuck wearing a towel in the dorm hallway until his or her. When they're done in a spirit of fun, dorm pranks can make the college journey more memorable.

College Prank Ideas

A combination of wicked creativity and mindful restraint. · College. The word usually conjures up images of all-night cram sessions, never-ending financial aid applications, alcohol-fueled parties and random hook-up sessions. However, there’s another reason to sweat out the early admissions process — the once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a famous (or perhaps, infamous) college Living in a college or university dorm, playing funny pranks on your roommates, and making a mess of the dorm is just part of all the fun.

You can make some of the funniest memories of your life.

15 Hilarious Pranks to Pull on College Friends

Here are some of the best college prank ideas The Only List of College Prank Ideas You'll Ever Need Posted by Tyler Ward on January 01, Here are some photos of real dormitory pranks in dorm rooms at college.

Best college dorm pranks
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