A compact meandered microstrip patch antenna

In this case the short-circuited, meandered circular patch will resonate at a much lower frequency, as compared with a conventional circular microstrip antenna of the same size.

The simulated and measured results are in good agreement. The expected scenario is certainly directed towards the size reduction of the multiple frequency band antennas of low profile, enhanced portability, and multifunctionality [ 1 — 4 ]. Figure 5 shows the case for the antenna without slots Z l s 0.

As for a conventional circular patch antenna Zwithout a shorting pin and the slots in the patch. The operating bands of the antenna can successfully cover the L 1 GPS MHz operating frequencies [ 34 ] and C-band applications [ 21 ].

By studying ample numbers of research articles, wide variations have been observed as expected in terms of geometrical configurations, size, substrate materials, manufacturing techniques, and analysis methods.

In order to obtain a good matching condition, the feed position is placed close to the shorting pin. Numerical results presented for different types of nonuniform Bragg gratings, such as concave waveguide gratings and bent waveguide gratings, provide guidelines for optimally designing or improving the performance of optoelectronic devices.

From the results for the case of l s d, the circular patch of radius 7. Referring to Figure 3it can be confirmed that the reflection phase bandwidth of the unit cell of the AMC covers the operating frequency bandwidth of the LPMDA antenna.

The scattering of guided waves by nonuniform waveguide gratings Zsuch as concave waveguide gratings and bent waveguide gratings. By using two stacked substrates, the reflection phase bandwidth is slightly shifted down to 3. When the slot length increases, the resonant frequency of the patch can be reduced further, which can reduce the patch size even further at a given frequency.

The circular patch is short-circuited at the edge with a shorting pin, and three narrow slots of the same length Z l. However, from an application standpoint, the proposed antenna is designed for applications such as mobile vehicles and aircrafts, in which the antenna is implemented into a platform with a very large conductor.

A microstrip line of 7. The geometrical configuration of the radiating patch element is estimated and optimal parameters are being searched through the use of electromagnetic simulator.

Therefore, the whole structure can be approximated by a sequence of basic units, each consisting of a waveguide discontinuity and a uniform partially. With these basic analyses, the properties of Bragg waveguide gratings can be considered to be well understood.

The return loss for the case l s d is plotted in Figure 3. Compared to a typical LPDA antenna, the antenna is 30 miniaturized from 0.

One of the effective ways to reduce the patch size of the microstrip antenna is to introduce a shorting pin at the edge of the patch w2x. The design of such compact circular microstrip antennas is described, and experimental results are presented and discussed.

The microstrip patch antennas provide the conveniences through low cost, ease of manufacturability, easy integration, and adaptability with integrated circuit technologies. To compute the reflection phase on the AMC surface, the waveport, which is located along the -axis, propagates the uniform wave.

Moreover, the extension factorspacing factorand the number of dipole elements are identical to those of the LPMDA antenna.

This design concept was recently developed by Bayraktar et al. The electromagnetic problem of a straight uniform periodic structure has been analyzed by various methods, such as the coupled mode theory w1x, the.

The combination of the mode-matching method with multimode network theory has been shown to be very ef. The spacing between two adjacent dipole elements is also optimized by the binary GA, during which each spacing distance is encoded into eight bits. During the implementation of the binary GA, the position of each segment is encoded into three bits.

CCC r97 Planar waveguide structures containing a periodic corrugation along the waveguide have long been used for various applications, such as distributed feedback re. For good matching the feed position is chosen at R s d p s 5.

Nylon posts with a dielectric constant of 3. The complete optimized parameters for the proposed antenna are offered in Table 1. The final optimized design of the antenna is printed on a 1.

International Journal of Antennas and Propagation

It is evident that both antennas exhibit a directional radiation pattern at all three frequencies. The design of such compact circular microstrip antennas is described, and experimental results are presented and discussed.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Microwave Opt Technol LettKey words: compact circular microstrip antenna; meandered circular patch; shorting pin 1. A New Meandered-Stripline Fed Dual Band Patch Antenna M.

R. Ahsan 1, M. T. Islam 1, portable, compact, radiation efficient and reliable wireless communication devices. Thus, the request for The meandered-line-fed microstrip patch antenna.

Fig Geometry of a meandered microstrip antenna 2. ANTENNA CONFIGURATIONS Fig. 1 shows the geometry of a GHz compact meandered microstrip antenna. The antenna is a rectangular patch with the length, L, and the width, W, meandered with slits forming an equally spaced tooth-pattern at both non-radiating edges.

The slit. This paper presents a compact sized inset-fed rectangular microstrip patch antenna embedded with double-P slots.

Compact Double-P Slotted Inset-Fed Microstrip Patch Antenna on High Dielectric Substrate

The proposed antenna has been designed and fabricated on ceramic-PTFE composite material substrate of high dielectric constant value. meandered ground plane [6], electromagnetically coupled stacked patch [7], patch antenna with integrated bandpass filter [8], gap-coupled feed [9] and optimally designed impedance matching network [10, 11].

In the present paper, a simple and compact microstrip-fed patch antenna for UWB application is proposed. Download Citation on ResearchGate | A compact meandered circular microstrip antenna with shorted pin | By using a shorting pin and meandering the circular patch, a compact circular microstrip antenna with a patch size of less than 10% of the conventional circular patch antenna can be easily obtained.

A compact meandered microstrip patch antenna
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A Compact Meandered Microstrip Patch Antenna - Doing What Matters